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Referencing the Espiral sizing chart, the range of sizes available is extremely small. They only cover bust sizes from 34 40″, waist sizes from 25 31″ sex doll, and hip sizes from 34 40″. I know a lot of women who fall outside of this range, either smaller or larger. male sex doll The peony […]

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The popular myth that Christmas is derived from Pagan traditions has no historical support. The more scholarly theory is that it was calculated based on an ancient notion that holy men were conceived on the same day as they died, and so the early church simply calculated nine months after the Crucifixion, which Tertullian had […]

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Earwigs need a moist environment to survive human hair wigs, and are usually active during the night. During the day human hair wigs, they will take shelter under stones, in the soil, or in debris, as these are places that will provide them with the dark, moist environment they need for survival. If the weather […]